Crane Hire Insurance, Safety and Maintenance

At Surf City Cranes, we believe that when you’re planning a project involving any type of heavy machinery, there are several things you should take into consideration to ensure you and the equipment are fully insured. We encourage crane safety and responsible crane hire with every one of our clients.

Insurance Essentials

  • Prior to crane hire, we strictly adhere to all crane safety guidelines for care and maintenance of the vehicles and guarantee that any person using the crane is fully insured.
  • Our insurance also includes us being covered while on your construction site. With many projects involving a range of tradesman and vehicles, it is essential that all care is taken to protect the machinery from the sometimes-chaotic nature of a building site.
  • Along with making sure our cranes are covered by insurance, we also ensure that any person involved in the operation of our cranes is also fully insured, fully licensed, and fully trained in all aspects of relevant health and safety guidelines for safe work practices when operating a crane.

Crane Safety

Crane hire and crane safety is a major priority with Surf City Cranes. We have a perfect safety record with zero lost time on insurance claims due to injury – so it’s something we take very seriously with every client who hires from us.

Our crane operators and dog men are all fully qualified and have an average of 10 years’ experience in the industry.

We will accurately and diligently identify potential hazards, assess risks, and provide an SWMS regarding crane hire. At Surf City Cranes, we are constantly reviewing, modifying, and upgrading these policies to comply with legislative authorities and are fully insured for operations. We also ensure that our safe work practices and procedures comply with the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, as well as all regulations and other statutory provisions governing occupational health and safety.

Crane Maintenance

Checking cranes prior to use can be important for catching problems before they become more serious, reducing the risk of system failures that could potentially cause serious injuries or fatalities.

We carry out scheduled crane and machine maintenance to ensure efficient operation, effectiveness, and reduction of down time. And, wherever possible, our delivery and collection planning includes the practice of multiple loads, split destination and back loading to reduce wastage of fuel and resources.

Environmentally Friendly

We also ensure that our equipment is environmentally friendly. Even our company cars have regular maintenance to reduce levels of emissions to care for the environment. Planned regular routine maintenance of our fleet of cranes reduces the level of emissions and enhances vehicle fuel consumption and reliability.


At Surf City Cranes, we take great pride in the presentation of our mobile crane fleet. Our vehicles and crane accessories are regularly pressure washed and maintained to ensure they are well presented at all times.

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